Technical ・FAQ

Technical ・FAQ

Car Audio Technical Frequently Asked Questions as well as their answers...

component cable splitter best buyFault Questions:

1) Having only installed my new radio, after i power it down and back on again the preset stereo and other settings reset and also the CD ejects. How can this be? This can be an easy task to correct. Basically 2 wires about the radio harness need swapping around. Fundamental essentials 12V permanent live (yellow wire) and the 12V ignition live (red wire). Remove your radio and disconnect the bullet connectors found on the radio wiring harness and swap these 2 colours, to ensure that yellow would go to red and red would go to yellow. Your radio was simply losing power to the memory feature.

2) My radio recently eliminate. Firstly find out if your radio has a RESET button, either by checking your radio handbook or by actually looking on your fascia panel or behind your fascia panel for any small round button. Press this button in for approx 3 seconds and attempt your radio for correct operation. If you have no change red from the (Fault Diagnosis) guide perfectly located at the Technical Articles area of the Support Centre.

3) My speakers create a noise that seems to increase once i rev the engine. How can i avoid it? This is simply interference or commonly known as noise. Induced Noise can seem like clicking, popping, whirring, buzzing, whistling, or whining. This noise always has a source including the alternator, car power wiring, or amplifier, etc. Which means this means that the situation may be tackled at the source you now have to think it is.

Powerline noise problems for example alternators could be fixed with the help of a capacitor or powerline filter on the live source towards the suspect component. Another method to investigate is the earth or also referred to as ground wire for the rear from the radio or head unit. Try owning a new earth or ground wire in the rear of the radio to a different position (earth) around the cars chassis replacing the existing earth wire.

When you have installed an amplifier ensure that the rca to hdmi converter box so cables running from your head unit towards the amplifier of fine quality and therefore are run along the car from the cars existing wiring and hightail it from your amplifiers power cable. With regard to testing, try running the RCA lead loosely between your head unit as well as the amplifier without actually running them under the carpet. Rev your engine with all the radio on low volume and see if the noise went. When it has tried running the RCS's employing a different route along the car.

Installation Questions: 1) Am i going to have to cut any wires when installing my new radio? I'm concerned with jeopardising my car warranty? No! All new radios include wiring harnesses which have (ISO) connections. ISO is surely an international standard connection type. After you have removed your original radio you will be able to set up your new radio directly on the radio wiring connector when it comes with an ISO connection as standard or you will require a Harness Adapter that will you to install it by push-fit connection.